Frank’s Caper

“Hey Ma, Aunt Alice you seen Bert lately?”

“Sure, yah, he just took off for the Nedermyer’s for an early dinner, what’re you up to now?”

“No time to explain, gotta set this score up now!”

Bert, bert hold up. Glad I caught ya before you made your appearance. I got this thing I wanna do and need your help.

Yo Lil Frankie, not now bro they may start dinner without me.

Bert this is the big score, I can feel it. I pull this job right, it’ll net me a home of my own.

But what’s wrong with Mom’s place? Decent food, no… well food at least, plus warm and dry.

Too crowded, my own place is what I’ve been working for, come on ya gotta help me and it won’t take long to set up.

What do you want me to do this time.

Still got some of those lower echelon criminals in your thrall?


Aw come on Bert, if I had your skills I’d be even fatter and already have my own place. You tell em what to do and whammo it gets done.

Frankie most folks aren’t as stupid as you think, I ask for favors, make recommendations, report observations, I don’t coerce. People know they’ve been pushed, no more salmon dinner invites, kapich?

Kapich? Really? Kapich. We’re what, sixth generation Italian-Americans living in the midwest and you pull out a kapich. Just tell some wretch the Twodogs house is empty tonight and they usually leave the basement back door open. They’ll be out past midnight, and stone drunk when home. Just tell him that and every thing will work itself out.

Tonight? It’s not like I can just walk up to them and force the thought on them, they need to be asleep, drunk or high, but not high on stimulants. Those crazy dudes won’t wait until tonight, they’ll head straight over. How are you sure?

Thought listening, with some folks I can even do it from the street, just casually walking by, and then by again. And who notices, I still look like an adolescent, and if I don’t look interested in anything at all, folks ignore me. Teenager’s, ta-da!

So what’s going to happen?

The goon’s gonna trapse through the backyard gate, get scared off by at least one the gun’s being shown off last night, and then run away. Leaving the back gate open, and opportunity.

Just wait here Frankie, I should be back within shortly.

Wow, that really didn’t take long at all. You really think it’s set?

No problem, found Gitchy Twinkerbell sacked out in his mother’s living room, no one else home. Did my little thing, and he’ll wake raring to rob, pawn and love the nightlife. Cuz he’s got to boogie!

Wow, Alicia Bridges, bad, bad. Just one more bad it may have made it’s way back around to good. But no, just really bad.

Well, I’m off to the Nedermyer’s. May crash there as well, let Ma know. And keep me posted, you really didn’t tell me the take, Goodnight Frank.

Goodnight Bert.


I don’t remember how this was going to end!?


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