Catching Up, End of Nov 2016

Veteran’s day was a blast again, played two courses and all of the veteran freebies were doled out by very pleasant people; we were always given or asked if we wanted anything above and beyond their corporate overlords mandate. The one thing was bumping in to another Vet, recently ETS from service. So freshly released he still had the brainwashed tough guy act solidly in place. He didn’t need anything free, “I don’t need handouts”. There was absolutely no use in explaining the psychology of enjoying the day. However, if another soldier/vet reads this here’s why ‘taking advantage’ of the freebies is good for all. Beyond some free food for us vets, employees actually enjoy being able to give to veterans and if we are gruff or just odd it’s more acceptable on that day and we all related better.


Weekend of Nov 19th & 20th, 2016

Things didn’t work out well with planning again. My friends don’t seem to understand my need for planning and making it happen. I really look forward to planned events. I’ve had a project in mind for years and years, M.C. Escher tessellated lizards made from clay, kilned to beautiful colors. The guy I’ve been planning this with is an “artist” in the sense that schedules are foreign. It’s OK for him, but bumming me out because this project could’ve happened. I’m starting to look for open ceramic classes now.

So that Saturday was spent shopping with Jessica, covered Costco, Home Depot and Target and got nearly everything written down and other things that should have been on the list. It was a good day.

Sunday, very cold Viking style disc golf with the Jingles Crew. Oodles of fun, I got ahead of the entire group by more than 20 Jingles. When one gets a lead that big, they have to throw two drives and play from the worst, the best part was my better drives were better than the entire group of six now playing against me (and they get to play from that spot). So for several holes, I’d play my worst drive and 6 people would play from my better drive. Very challenging. The golf wasn’t even the best part of Sunday. Bridget came down to visit, well actually clean my bathroom, and wow is it shiny now… Thank you B. She was well compensated and took some hand me down clothes as well. It was nice having her around, and not just for the cleaning!


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