Anxiety, Depression & the Christmas Funk

The link is for any family members that are considering a gift for me, hint, hint kids…
The “Nope” coffee mug is just my style, plus it has a cat on it! My kitty coffee mugs are too tall for my Keurig. The Starry Night w/Cat is also very attractive. The “Tesla > Edison” T-Shirt would work very well for Colin too.

The last few days have been tough to awful. Today I had to hide & cry, nothing in particular I think, but the Holiday’s don’t help. Per the Pharmacist I should start taking the anxiety/depression medication in the morning, it’ll help with all of the sleep I’ve been missing. Back to the Holiday’s. I’ve no money, not literally but nearly. So I can’t buy what I want for the kids, or what they need. I want to give, I enjoy it, and it bothers me that I cannot. So, when I join/see the other family members at X-mas with empty hands, I feel bad again. I’m not religious, I’m not anti-religious other, meaning I don’t demean or belittle other folks belief, unless they have it coming; however, X-mas day is one of my favorite days of the year. I enjoy watching the little kids get and play with their toys. I enjoy being the Uncle that is always requested to help put stuff together with them. We use to go out to the movies, mostly to get out hair of the folks who are cleaning and prepping the house for the next batch of family coming over. Now, or at least as recent as last year or the year before, I watch the Doctor Who: Christmas Special with the kids or kids-at-heart.

Maybe next time I’ll organize my thoughts better, just kind of slapped this one up and it shows.




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