Dating After 50

I’m not a rich guy so I haven’t joined any pay to play dating sites. So far POF is frustrating, I have to pay to see who pushed a button when they were flipping through the “Wants To Meet You” part of the site. I write a nice sincere and interesting page, find some decent pictures and chat and chat and chat. When I pull the trigger, ask to meet, no more chatting. Even better than the last scenario… Getting a yes, then gentlemanly asking her to pick a place she’d be comfortable and time to meet, then no more chatting.

Real world experience, this upcoming weekend is a POF ‘Party’ for singles at a bar on the east side. Coworker, Mike H, says it’s a sausage fest, so I’ll need a backup plan. I’m taking Marcus with me again, he’s probably supposing it’ll go as well for as the last/first time we went out together. He’d been half-mocking, half-asking for me to go out with him as a wingman, and since I’m actually trying to meet ladies, I asked him out and I had a plan.

Marcus really is the epitome of Soccer Mom Cougar Catnip, I should register that phrase. Anyway, he’s tall (6’3″), lean and muscled, handsome, great disposition/personality, a beautiful smile, black and 24 years old. Really a wet dream for a middle-class white woman. This was the plan for our original outing, we go to Boogie Fever in Ferndale dangle him around and I try to chat up the strays.  Boogie Fever is closed, the internet hinted at Boogie Fever Saturday Nights in the bar that stands in the same place, but that too was closed and a restaurant remains. The backup plan was Stayin’ Alive in Novi. We get there a little early still and the place is quiet. It was strange to be asked if I had a reservation so many times, until I see the size of the place, not big.I chat up the coat check, she compliments my bow tie, and talk to the bouncers. I learned that every chair and barstool had been reserved to groups, parties, or folks just smart enough to do the same. After 2 or 3 drinks, folks roll in and the dance floor picks up, and standing at the bar is a bad idea, so I snag some railing next to the dance floor with Marcus in tow. Within 45 minutes Marcus is making out with an older blond, turns out it was grey, right next to her date or husband, weird. Evening progresses, young ladies dancing with the old guy, me, and the last conversation I recall was, “Tommy, THEY want me to go home with them.” my response was if you’re comfortable go for it, then I didn’t see him for the rest of the evening. At 1:30am, enough Tanqueray and tonic has been danced off or processed and I start hunting for Marcus, the bouncer I’ve been talking while smoking on the patio notices me, pulls me aside and told me how Marcus got asked to leave, I smiled and went home.

Here’s what happened, the couple got a hotel room right across the street with Marcus and the husband watched from the couch, for a while. Then he was on the bed dressed watching, then Marcus felt a third hand upon his buttocks. I really enjoy imagining Marcus pointing and saying, “You need to get back on that couch”. They called him an Uber when finished and she whispered in his ear, “you can come over any time my husband isn’t home”. I heard they lived in Ferdale, where Boogie Fever was.

This time it’s a POF party at less fancy dress bar & dance floor, I’ve really been trying to reconfigure male to female ratio. I wouldn’t call it spamming really because they’re all individually typed, but I sent many notes asking ladies to meet me at the ‘Party’. So Marcus may not have it so easy, awe who am I kidding, he’ll score and even set me up with BJ, he’s a cool that way ;P

No back up plan yet.


I Will, Someday, Create These Tiles

lizard-tileIt almost happened. I was introduced to a veteran and artist and really thought we’d meet up so I could create the Escher tiles. It could still happen that way, but I’m more likely to just join an open clay class, maybe even this winter.